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  • independant
  • Aix-en-Provence (France)
  • Française

  • Style musical : Punk-Rock
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  • BLINK 182

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Sylvain Le 22-03-07 à 11:27
Ya pas de sons? C\'est dommage, :( sympa votre page en tout cas!! Bonne continuation


  • It's 2001 in the sunny countryside around Aix-en-Provence in the south of France that FICKLE is born. Driven by Ez on lead-vocals, G on bass, Rom & Ben on guitars and Steph on drums, it's an alliance destined to gel, uniting the same musical influences where the initial motivation is to play Californian punkrock in the same vein as Green Day, The Offspring, Blink 182, etc.

    As time flies, the band gets tighter, concerts pile up, new compositions are cool and 2 years down the road, 2003, FICKLE are ready to record their first demo. Things turn out even better than expected and the demos become a first auto-produced album "Hopeless Utopians". Distribution is handled by Musicast and the band gets their first write-ups in the specialized rock press in France. A video of "Way Out" concludes a great year for FICKLE.

    Late 2004, armed with a bag full of new songs, FICKLE reserve studio time with French engineer Christian Carvin to write and put down new tracks for their 2nd album. Originally planned to do down the same auto-production road, a chance encounter with Scottish Independent producer Peter Murray during a mastering session in Paris at La Source Mastering changes the bands destiny. After a listening to a couple of songs Rom and Ben find themselves in the local pub (Bradys) with Murray, talking punk-rock, state of the record industry, whisky...

    Murray, renowned for discovering original French acts (Les Negresses Vertes, Elmer Food Beat, Zebda, Silmarils, Dolly) is hooked, and one month later after a gig in the south of France, he signs FICKLE to his independent Murrayfield Music label. A few memorable recording sessions later, the new album ID is completed and the band can feel pretty chuffed with themselves after 5 years of hard slogging !

    Murrayfield goes on to conclude a deal with Exclaim, Canadian independent to handle promo & marketing with distribution through Warner Music.

    Asked why he signed FICKLE, Peter Murray replied: "Fickle's unique style of new punkrock is refreshing, and whilst half this album is in English they have overcome a major obstacle by adapting the French language to what is very much an American musical genre today. This achievement in itself will certainly help the band get immediate airplay in France. They come from a region in the south of France which can easily be described as France's very own California. Ez the singer is a formidable bodyboarder, and the band members are all fanatical about the present punk-rock scene coming out of the US west coast. Fickle are awesome live, very much "in your face", and I foresee them taking their music around the world pretty soon".


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