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  • montpellier (France)

  • Style musical : Punk-Rock
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  • Mike Hey No More is a french band create in 1995 to pay a tribute to Mike Hey's forgotten talent. After some demo tapes, mhnm published is first ep in 1996 (Nuclear girl/sunglasses for Polygamm rcs).

    In 2OOO, they made a extra CD (Pictures of Mike Hey for Mike Hey Fund rcs) with 11 covers of Mike Hey revisited at the boombastic blast sauce and an e-comic "Mike Hey, portrait of a lost predator", first multimedia biography of Mike Hey. As the members of this collective are also painters, writters and chroniclers, they had to make a break for their own activities.

    In 2005, they went back for the decade birthday. After a bloody gig at the Taf's secret place in Montpellier, they decided to record some new songs. Here we are, this winter you should listen mhnm's second LP "Es paro", the most exotic potentate of grizzly music revisited.

    Stand up kids, it's time to do the grizzly dance!

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Sylvain Salut! Le 22-03-07 à 11:34
J\'aime bien batting siki, t\'aurais d\'autres sons? ;-) Bonne continuation
TANGUERO Le 19-12-06 à 14:27
vas y mets du son !!!

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