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The upcoming band. The Sterians invent a new style: the Creative Pop-Rock. Inventive melodies and arrangements led by a brightfull voice. News, MP3, videos, dates, etc. Have a great journey...
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  • Style musical : Rock Progressif
  • Dernière connexion : le 03-11-08 à 21:00


AC/DC, Allan Holdsworth, Black Sabbath, Carl Orff, Didier Lockwood, Evanescence, Francis Poulenc, Genesis, Gong, Jacques Brel, Jean-Luc Ponty, Led Zeppelin, Magma, Metallica (80'), Ozric Tentacles, Pink FLoyd, Police, Porcupine Tree, Queen, Richard Wagner, Roger Waters, Supertramp, Toto, Yes...


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Wednesday Break
Merci! Le 29-08-08 à 11:37
Merci pour l\'invit!
Hesitez pas à passez sur notre page!
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The Royal Astiva
Le 28-08-08 à 10:21
Salut,merci pour l\'invit.
c\'est qu\'avec du son ce serait mieux.
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Concert?? et Sons Le 28-08-08 à 10:06
Salut il y a moyen d\'avoir du son pour savoir ce que vous faites et savoir quand vous passé en concert?
Habillons nous de nos valeurs Merci d’avoir invité Le 27-08-08 à 17:47

Nous espérons que vous appréciez notre démarche et espérons vous compter prochainement parmi nos clients et collaborateurs.




The Sterians was officially born in January 2006. Naturally, there were many events before this day. For Stephane, many years of music and working, years of prospecting, of attempts, before he sets up The Sterians. At first he met Julie, with whom he started many months of musical works, then came, always through the Internet, the other musicians. Sterians comes from the greek word Stereos which means solid and by extension space. The aim here is to illustrate a music unfolds in the range of emotions. The band, while still young, has already to his credit scenic experiences in Lyon successfully realised (La Boulangerie, l\'ENSP, fêtes de la musique 2005 et 2006, Festival de St-Martin-en-Haut, etc.), and it has distinguished itself in important local media (Radio Scoop, Le Progrès, etc.). Several concerts are in preparation for the 2007/2008 period. You will find all the dates on the band\'s website and also on their myspace The music played by The Sterians evolves between a progressive Rock and an english Pop, a blend of their own: the Creative Pop-Rock. A creative music, an enchanting voice, a unique style, the Sterians\' recipe music is a real discovery. Issue of their own repertoire, it offers a mixture of melodious experiences and inventiveness, a show more to appreciate than to consume. The Creative Pop-Rock, according to Stéphane, is at the crossroads of traditional Pop-Rock and Pop-Rock Progressive. Not too experimental or completely crazy, it borrows from Pop-Rock Progressive its inventiveness and intelligence of composition, wishing, by its creativity, to keep the music in the field of Art without pouring too much into the entertainment which offered a music of fast consumption. This music is driven by the voice of Julie which makes the unanimity of the public from the first listening. Powerful, lyric, but also light and sensitive, she marries admirably with the style sought by the Sterians. The Sterians renews the Pop-rock scene.Mix a hint of Pink Floyd and Supertramp, a dose of Queen or Police, a pinch of Led Zeppelin and Magma, it would not be completely that, the result remains to be discovered ;-) The Sterians also listens to : AC/DC, Jacques Brel, Camille, Claude Debussy, Genesis, Gong, Allan Holdsworth, Tony Mc Alpine, Jean-Luc Ponty, Francis Poulenc, Carl Orff, Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, Richard Wagner, Yes, etc.
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